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Muncho Animal Feeds

Muncho manufactures balanced maize feed for poultry, cattle, sheep and other animals. The South African feed market is on a continuous growth pattern that has been on the rise for more than two decades. It is safe to say that it plays a crucial role in Farmer's lives all across South Africa. This is why Muncho feeds is manufactured with only the best yellow maize and specific needs of your animals in mind.

Our pet food and animal feed products are manufactured at two respective plants that are located on our premises. Muncho’s continued success in the manufacturing of animal feeds is driven by our attention to nutritional value.

Feed Range

Our feeds are specially manufactured to promote good health and longevity in various species. Muncho feeds are organic and adhere to premium-quality standards to provide your animals with purely natural ingredients that they need. Making sure that your flock feels good and looks great is our goal.

Feed Freshness

When stored properly in dry, moderate temperature conditions, our animal feeds can be stored for up to 4 months, although we recommend usage within 60 days in hot, humid summer months and 90 days in cooler months. Always inspect feed prior to use for bugs, mold, or other evidence of damage.

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